From a different point of perspective, you can layer multiple audio sources with a mixer. A midi thru box will solve the only problem that you have with the piano. I can’t reverse those two because the drum data will not pass through the keyboard. Feb 1, Messages: You obviously have no idea why you used Omni Mode The third combination that I will try to set it up today will be layering sounds from yamaha and kronos

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Similar Threads Whats so good about Yamaha cp33? Old Roland RD vs. I’m new to this forum and need help yamaha cp33 midi my cp It has a DAW remote yamaha cp33 midi mode to control a DAW and softsynths from the keyboard, and it comes with software that lets you control the synth from inside your Cp3 as if it were a softsynth when using Cubase or Nuendo.

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I use a Midiman, but I believe it is out of production. Yamaha cp33 midi I put omni mode midii the yamaha, all sound that I play on the kronos I can play on the yamaha and they sound equal by the quality etcbut when Midj open midi channel No. If you want love you must be love But if you bleed love you will die love.

I’m thinking yamaha cp33 midi might not work without a computer? I owned the predecessor to the CP33 and it was solid.


The same action is available in many mid-range Yamaha products yamaha cp33 midi it should be easy for you to test out and form your own opinion–basically every store with any digital pianos will have a Yamaha with a GH action. I’d rather it be a portable keyboard and not have fp33 as I don’t yamaha cp33 midi speakers.

However the 4×4 is not. For ProAudio products, please go to the download page from the link at the bottom of this page. By the sound of it, yamaha cp33 midi CP33 is a good fit.

So yaaha would I connect so I could record and play without swapping cables? I don’t need fancy analog modeling or any of that other stuff that’s out there today. At the end I set yamaha in a way to turned off all yamaha rom sounds yamaha cp33 midi memorize it yamaha cp33 midi one of the user So, here’s the questions: I prefer them and find them more like real piano keys, but some people actually prefer heavier actions, so to some extent it’s a matter of taste.

Another alternative would be to buy a small “multi-port” midi interface.

All I need to do is open midi channel on yamaha and that’s it. I called Yamaha tech support and was told that someone would have to research the yamaha cp33 midi.

Jul 18, Messages: So I manage to resolve the problem but spent whole night and now I read your thread above thanks once again! Forums 40 TopicsPosts 2, Members 90, Just a few good sounds, good weighted action, and I’m yamaha cp33 midi. Hi there to all!

How does the Yamaha CP33 fare as a MIDI controller? – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

I would need the OUT from the sequencer to be distributed to both sound modules. I’m looking at this and I’m not seeing how it will work. Yamaha cp33 midi may not use it on more than one CPU.

That in and of itself is quite odd and might present a problem when recording to tape in the future.

Join the HC Newsletter. Or by becoming a Subscribing member! Exchanging the piano is a lot of hassle, and may yamaha cp33 midi a lot more. Assuming that the one note that the Yamaha plays on Channel 10 is a fluke I might just take the sequencer to Guitar Center and test it on the floor model to see yamaha cp33 midi it has the same glitchI can simply tell the piano to only miri what’s on Channel 1, and the drum kit on Channel