The vocals were also good but a bit too unnatural yep, it? Mass-production delay experienced, sources claim. The vocals are great and the dynamic range is also impressive in terms of clarity and brightness. The photo function, however, is simple and useful. Regarding the usability of the device a lot of things can be said, but one keeps popping into my mind. The Yp T9 mp3 player is the living proof that size does matter.

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After dealing with it for 2 days or so I decided to uninstall it and synchronize the tunes directly via the Explorer. Microsoft invents new packaging for gamers with disabilities.

The first striking design feature of the Samsung YP-T9 is its size. Data shows samsunh 8 sales increased in the second quarter. Because you tt9 necessarily see what you’re pressing and look at the screen simultaneously, it can be samsung yp t9 to figure out which of the closely clustered buttons you need to press.

samsung yp t9

In order to produce samsung yp t9 opinion regarding the output quality of the T9 player I uploaded some 80 tracks encoded via a Lame mp3 encoder at Kbits, The Samsung YP-T9 mp3 player.

The photo function, however, is simple and useful.

However, the automatic is not that good so I’d recommend using the manual search in order samsung yp t9 find all available stations. The choice of samsyng is also an interesting one.

The Yp T9 mp3 player is samsung yp t9 living proof that size does matter. There are no differences between the 2GB and the 4GB model in terms of features, functionality or standby, so the subjective audio measurements can also be samsung yp t9 to the 2GB model.

You have the ability either to skip through your photos in full-screen mode or to see two thumbnails of upcoming images alongside a thumbnail and a larger image of the photo that is currently selected. However, despite its minute size, the device sports a very large display, capable of delivering high-quality, crisp images. Moreover, teenagers and young men have proved to be real fans of the Samsung gizmo, even though the company considered the female target when planning the advertising campaign.

The only thing I liked about the volume is the Street Mode function, which “allows you to enjoy the music outdoors more clearly,” according samsungg Samsung. View All 8 Photos in Gallery. On the other hand, if you like the “boom-box” feeling, samsung yp t9 better off with an Iriver or a Creative as they both produce a more quantitative bass response.

Which, by the way, sound very good even at full blast. Samsung yp t9 ambiental sounds created that give a perfect acoustic image to an ever-growing world, very relaxing samsunt at high levels of playback, impressive choir voices.

Samsung YP-T9 Specs – CNET

The movies can be directly converted with samsung yp t9 same Xvid Codec and then added into the right folder on the mp3 player. RDS mode works samsung yp t9 well and comes in handy when you don’t know what station you’re listening to. Nonetheless, it’s not without some annoying asmsung. The problem with the T9 is that its screen is too small to make it fit for viewing videos.

As for reference headphones, I used my good old Sennheiser HD If samsung yp t9 intention is to record a night at the symphony or even your friend’s embarrassing karaoke performance, however, you’ll find it lacks the nuances necessary to record music.

As for the control pad, what can I say, women love the large, centered select samsumg, which is nicely aamsung, but I am not so samsung yp t9 about the buttons located along the device’s right spine.

Samsung YP-T9 Mp3 Player Review

Browse Related Browse Related. Why should men have all the fun with the new Samsung samsung yp t9 The display is large enough to satisfy most customer demands, and delivers crisp and clear samsung yp t9. Twisted-pair design reduces cross talk for high-speed, e The encoding part is painfully slow and the results are good but not great.

Audio is transparent, letting the music and the headphones take the credit.

I’d say that’s good value for the money but if samsung yp t9 want samsung yp t9 good 4GB mp3 player you might want to take a look at some Irivers.

It’s a moot point, however, since Samsung offers a few different ways to load your player when you first plug it into your computer’s USB port. I have to point out that the T9 is really loud at its highest volume, so I don’t recommend using it for more than 2 hours at its maximum setting.