As a result, Intel is the only chipset manufacturer offering support for DDR3 memory. This page was last edited on 14 December , at Stepping B3 of the Intel 6 series chipsets will have the fix for this. PC Based Instrumentation and Control. The Series chipsets codenamed Union Point were introduced along with Kaby Lake processors, which also use the LGA socket; [59] these were released in the first quarter of We will show the comparisons against other chipsets in the full board reviews and offer in-depth overclocking results with multiple CPU and memory configurations.

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Coffee Lake chipsets series.

Retrieved 5 November Dell returns to the stock market after six years. What’s more, the X38 retains support for DDR2, giving both board makers and buyers the option to stick with more affordable DDR2 memory technology until DDR3 prices begin their final descent from the stratosphere.

In the meantime, we have received an avalanche of requests centered on which board performs best out of the available products currently for sale. A new feature for the latest Intel chipsets is hardware virtualization support Intel VT-d.

Intel X38: Overclocking Update

vhipset Archived from the original PDF on June 29, That said, both boards will support memory running much faster than that.

DMI has been around for a while, and despite offering considerably less bandwidth than the HyperTransport link Nvidia uses in the nForce i SLI, we’ve hcipset to see it suffocate system performance, mostly because Intel doesn’t divvy up PCIe graphics connectivity between two chips like Nvidia does.

However, may not be long for this world Auxiliary peripheral chips are actually a key ingredient of almost any motherboard that uses an ICH9 series south bridge. Thanks to rather quickly ramping DDR3 memory speeds, a number of DDR modules are on the market and ready to take advantage of the X38, as well. Chipsets Previous page Next page. The most obvious upgrades over the X include official support for MHz bus Intel processors along with the latest 45nm Core 2 chips and DDR3 memory.

However, we did notice a central theme in the majority of the requests and it revolved around the overclocking aspects of the boards and performance comparisons to the current chipsets. Chief among them is next-gen PCI Express 2.

X38 – Wikipedia

DDR3 memory prices remain high, though, with 2GB kits costing more than double that of their DDR2 counterparts at the same speed grade. Intel’s mid-range chipsets have traditionally been excellent, so the P35’s success wasn’t a surprise. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved 12 February Intel x86 microprocessors Chipsets Intel chipsets Lists of computer hardware. A warn welcome, therefore, to the new X38 performance chipset.

Views Read Edit View history. We are busily completing an extensive testing phase on this new chipset with the ASUS, Gigabyte, abit, and Foxconn boards that we currently have in the labs.

This change officially blesses the new eight-pin auxiliary power connectors on cards like the XT. On paper, that gives the X38 an advantage over the P35 which tops out at MHz.

On a more serio The headline feature for PCIE 2. As a result, Intel is the only chipset manufacturer offering support for DDR3 memory.

List of Intel chipsets

The chipset is not a disappointment at this stage in the game, but the whole launch event fiasco and lack of choices available in the marketplace is disappointing to us. But perhaps the most significant new feature is the introduction of PCI Express 2. Not listed below is exprews chipset see Xeon chipsets which is compatible with Nehalem mainstream and high-end processors but does not claim core iX-compatibility.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Triton II [19] [20].

Our Verdict The new weapon of choice for performance enthusiasts. There’s no official word from Intel, but chipswt scuttlebutt suggests it will be a minor revision that adds official support for MHz bus chips and DDR3 MHz memory. But what about performance?