Our three machines break down so frequently that they are now stock piling parts in my office to have on hand. See “Payment Informtion” tab for more details. Ikon CPP review? I mean we ARE a print shop and not everyone wants the same size prints! Our IKON machine was delivered in December and configured to click 1 time period, regardless of size, same as our Konica. CPP , or We have all three Ikon-branded boxes at our shops.

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As for the rebadged vs. Since i have been servicing machine, production has never been higher, and quality has been much better. You are bidding on the items in the photographs, not the written descriptions. Calibrate every morning if you are in the print-for-pay business. The toner bottles are very small and the Ikon supply team steadfastly keeps you on a 2 bottle limit per order unless you can coerce your sales rep by dropping the Canon name. Your name or email address: Ikon supplies Your exactly right, we had the same issue and had the ” Ikon Service Team” out for a meeting and found out that they cut the toner amounts that you could receive back because they felt that they were being sold on ebay.

You may not remove or take possession of any lot until the seller receives payment in full for that lot.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. See “Payment Informtion” tab for more details. We just can’t go on with the intermittant functioning and lousy print quality of the C The way I became turned on to Xerox was because of all the downtime my C gave me, I was forced to outsource to my nearby competitor and he has a little but man does it print pretty pictures!

As part of its move into the high-end digital print market it has launched the CPPa 50ppm digital press using the latest Konica Minolta printer with a Creo workflow. We have a service contract with Ikon for our pringer print shops in this area, with multiple machines. Thinking of getting the high-capacity drawer?

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I can’t stress enough what crooks the IKON people have been. Report a Problem name. Do you find the or noticeably better than the ? The produces a much prettier print. We have forklifts and will be able to load semi’s, containers, box trucks, pick-up trucks, etc Within 7 days of auction end. We have some employees who will queue up lkon job, enter a quantity and walk away from it.

You just have to stay on top of the needed service for it. I mean we ARE a print shop and not everyone wants the same size prints!

EST on February 11, Just don’t fall for the cheapie ColorCal on the Fiery. Ikon shifts to high-end digital.

Konica Minolta Ikon Cpp500 Toner Yellow 02SM CPP 500

Our company insists on purchasing equipment, but they also demand an extensive service agreement. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. And how many ikonn on average do you get between service calls?

If you see a problem has come up, immediately put in that service call. All three machines break down on a regular basis. Yes, my password is: Rebadged boxes have different firmware and so are often behind on field updates, for one.

Another bidder has placed a higher maximum bid.