Can be used as controller surface for DAWs which I am not using Specifically I’d like to know if it works with Logic Express, but in general how is it? Doesn’t seem to be outdated.. It would be great if someone who owns an M-audio NV10 would give his opinion, or other mdx users. The booklet’s both a simple how-to and a detailed explanation of signal flow in the MDX, an important thing to understand in any mixer. At the front, there are four XLR balanced mic inputs with one button assigning phantom power to all or none, and each is paired with a balanced TRS line in socket. Image 1 of 2 The control surface is the primary element of the MDX.

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The insert “compressor” algorithms are utter How bad is it? Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. It suffers a little from digital multifunction overload – enough to confuse at the outset – and an absence of MIDI k edirol m 16dx levels sliders also count against it.

Roland Edirol M-16dx 16 Channel Digital Mixer 24 Bit 96khz USB Interface

DS-1 Limited Edition Distortion. YouTube Channel This channel provides information of edirol m 16dx Roland’s best quality electronic musical instruments.

Live Mixing with the Edirol m 16dx The MDX makes a great compact live mixer, with killer sound and a flexibility you’ll come to really appreciate at show time. You are using eedirol “main board outs to you monitors There seems to be very few sincere reviews on ediroo on the Internet. Weird, to say the least. You need an account to post a reply. Ask a question Reset.

Roland Edirol Mdx 16 Channel Digital Mixer 24 Bit 96khz USB Interface | eBay

For a bunch of other people, 4 mic pres is too few. I tried disabling the SIP and then installing the drivers. It is also USB2 rather than Firewire, there are no sliders on the mixer, k it looks like it might not handle harder gigging. These direct controls are motion sensitive without requiring a mouse and ASCII keyboard, resulting in a smooth and productive workflow similar to professional fader automation. I’m not hoping the Room Acoustics Analysis will blow me off, I think it’s just a marketing crappy ediro, but who knows maybe edirol m 16dx could help sometimes.

edirol m 16dx

Using Scenes on the MDX One of the edirol m 16dx advantages of a digital mixer like the MDX is its ability to remember your settings for you, and to recall them in a heartbeat. This 16cx tells you how to put RAC to work for you. Originally Posted by onslow.

Let’s just cross fingers so that it may be worth every buck. It is in my rack, which in turn is stuffed under my Triton in the lower compartment edirol m 16dx a computer table.


I’d be happy just to regain the audio output – no need for edirol m 16dx the recording and DAW functionality. For those we have lost. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Image 2 of 2 Audio interfacing is handled by a separate box. I ended up using the thing at our church.

Edirol / Roland MDX – Channel Digital Audio Mixer MDX

Wide range of connections Very flexible and easy to use. Here’s all you need to know about how to use the MDX as a control surface. The EQ mid is sweepable and there’s also the facility to Q the frequency edirol m 16dx, but rather than multiple or concentric rotaries, you’ve got multi-function rotaries at the right that adjust mids for the eight channels that have EQ controls. These are concerns that apply to Edirol’s latest bright edirol m 16dx This product is not any longer manufactered.

I know firewire is the standard, edirol m 16dx I’m wondering how ediril works. I suspect they have to do with the phantom power running our gooseneck podium mic.

That makes it hard to outgrow thumbsup. How is their 16 band EQ used?