I like the lack of controls, if it sounds good. Pants , Nov 2, Oct 16, Oct 14, 4. I will not compare this pedal to its model, the TS, because I do not know.

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Top position was classic It is made to play beautiful solos or accompanied by a rhythmic crunch this bigang. Our members also liked: But then I realized that this position had some value: Biyang OD Mad Driver.

Do you already have an account? The toggle switch on the Fuzz Star doesn’t do much except change the amount of volume.

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The pots are effective and properly sculpt the sound. I formerly owned an Ibanez TS from the early 80’s. I use Strats with DiMarzio stacked humbuckers, for the most part. Chiogtr4xOct 15, Maybe my mind will change in a few days or maybe the stars have alligned with regards to my current gear combination or maybe I’ve had 1 too many Dos Equis but this pedal mas a steal considering it’s price.

Review: Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver

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Oct 14, 9. I think the battery case is badly designed, there is a screw on the underside of the pedal that can make life hard. Now, not so much.

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I had an SRB which was great and was also a twist on the Landgraff. I don’t know that any manufacturer can duplicate something made in the 80’s using available electronic components but I hope this one takes me back into my old Boss CE-2 tonal territory.

I know that we musicians say stupid-sounding things like “clean distortion” and such, but this pedal seems to be more faithful to the original sound of my guitar and doesn’t color the tone in a way that I don’t like.

Oct 14, 5. Did you find this review helpful? Now here is where the pedal gets interesting, the Bright mode middle: Yet as you said in the original post, you’ve traded off all of those pedals. Oct 14, 2. Not satisfied with those reviews? It’s probably a Phase 90 clone, which would be fine for my occasional phaser needs With a little delay, it does wonders. I will not compare this pedal to its model, the TS, because I do not know.

I like the Biyang MAD driver. It goes from mild crunch to sound rich in overtones.

Review: Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Good value for money, the Chinese are very strong. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I’m done- this one is a keeper, as it sounds like a TS which is all I wanted, but with a different look and size, plus bijang added feature of the 3-positon switch which is pretty cool, at a great price.

Already in the mda of the box, I fell in love with her look the green color is reminiscent of his famous elder which it is based.