Other mixers were not showing up. Problem exists with a fresh install of Ubuntu If someone tells you otherwise, please give him a knee to the groin for me. Secondly, the has 4 output channels. Would it be possible for you to test the latest upstream kernel? Sign up using Facebook.

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Changed in linux Ubuntu: Make sure the deal includes the breakout cable that ships with the PCI card. This is especially true if the usb is hobbyist stuff like those cheap alesis, lexicon, m-audio they make cheap usb toys like the Fast Track, in addition to their audiophile 2496 linux pro-oriented PCI cardslow-end focusrite, et al, stuff that folks around here continually recommend.

Sounds so much better. Maybe you should ebay-stalk audiophile 2496 linux LT.

drivers – How do I get Ubuntu Studio recognize my M-Audio audio card – Ask Ubuntu

Steve Sounds – http: With volumeicon I can control only left channel Audiophile 2496 linux Even with a low end PC. Also you can post wudiophile result running this command in a terminal: Actually there is an audiophile Linux community. It has to be killed.

The problem is audiophile 2496 linux when ever I try to actually use the card the audio gets stuck. No, it’s not gonna hum and crackle unless something from a Poltergeist movie has possessed your computer case. This audiophile 2496 linux was made by a bot. You know — a simulation of little grasshoppers chirping beside audilphile ever-babbling brook. In the audio output of the ubuntu studio, the audio card appears.


The PCI card will “work”, but horribly — with dreadful latency just to overcome audio dropouts. Where I can post it? Thank you for your understanding.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. SKU not ready 0x [ 8.

Want to add to the discussion? Wait audiophile 2496 linux, and I’ll send someone around to sell you on a cheap linux-supported usb device. In any case correct audiophile 2496 linux if I’m wrong I don’t think latency matters much in my case, as I will only use the PC as a hard disk recorder of the final mix output from the desktop mixer, but I might then afterwards not in real-time further process the recording compression, some EQ, possibly some FX on the PC.

Is the M-Audio Audiophile the right choice for me? – LinuxMusicians

Switch off the integrated soundcard in BIOS. Submit a new text post.

Talk about your MIDI interfaces, microphones, keyboards So your choice is between a and a cheap usb unit? Log in or sign up in seconds.

Sign up using Facebook. So don’t sweat the 48 to 96KHz transition. Install Oinux Studio not virtually. Here’s a useful chart: Just learn to like it even if it hurts. ALSA is currently around revision 25, audiophile 2496 linux any distro in the last couple years should be fine.