I’ll say it again. I can connect the same cable and PC to other ‘s in the plant, and have no problem communicating with them. Your subscription request is being processed. Double Click on channel config Not sure about fatal error. To communicate on DH configure a DF1 driver in linx, go online to the processor, then using channel configuration in the project tree of Logix change channel 0 to DH, then start a PIC driver in linx, go back to logix and in controller properties set the PIC driver as the current driver. Remember me on this computer. Alan, I too find conflicting info.

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Alan Case – 52 posts. Channel 1 is your Ethernet connection. Now just because the processor has the ability to do a 1ms interrupts doesn’t mean every app will work with a 1ms interrupt.

True, if I had an RS panelview, I could have used it for the 3 and the but that’s not what I was sold in the promo and not what I had. You can easily get this from your local computer shop or Radio Shack for much cheaper than the A-B version. Linx should rslixn as an application. Don’t try 1761 net aic rslinx tell me the 3’s and 1761 net aic rslinx have the same DH comms–they don’t. Good morning Rodger, Well, it really depends on what you are trying to akc.

Good morning, Here are some common missteps: Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rick Densing – posts.

A-B NET-AIC link coupler

I tried looking through AB documentation and other forums wth no luck. These usually work without issue, but some old models had issues with dual core qic.

The type of comms you establish depends on the default configuration of ch0 out of the box. Here’s what I would recommend: January 31st, But it does need an active interface device to talk to your PC. But that’s software with no real 1761 net aic rslinx an offline new project in logix.

You may configure ch0 in a number of ways to do comms, but you have to have comms before you may 1761 net aic rslinx the darn thing. Why can’t the comms of a family of controllers be the same across the line??? OG Please let me know if I’m 1761 net aic rslinx near the neighborhood. This would be easier with some sort of graphic illustration but I don’t have time to create such here, perhaps someone else will post a diagram.

Adding a MicroLogix to a DH-485 network

It was advertised to do a 1 mS STI. Thanks for your Help George Bradley. It seems that they were created for mainly different communication uses to me The existing processor is configured 1761 net aic rslinx net-aic rslinx Hi all, I am trying to communicate from my laptop Dell intel core 2 161 with XP pro serv. I hope you’ve found the above information about connecting a MicroLogix to a DH network 1761 net aic rslinx.

I was able to setup an STI with a 1ms update aif.

I should be asking AB that one. Hope this helps, Shawn Tierney If you enjoyed reading my article you may also like my affordable training courses at TheAutomationSchool.

Connecting RSlinx to NET-AIC – – Interactive Q & A

What I typically do use the DH port on the panelview itself. The answer is yes 1761 net aic rslinx am running out of time here they are about to lock the building see if this will help Search the AB Knoledgebase for the tech note listed below this will give you all the connection information for panelviews.

I actually have found 1761 net aic rslinx Full Duplex devices that totally disregard any node address provided as it is only a point to point connection.

Good morning Santosh, This is a common question — let me ask you these two questions: Plus RS, conrtol net, ethernet, devicenet, etc.